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Stephanie, Seniors ’10 – Homecoming.

A few weeks ago my cousin wanted to stop by my house to see my wife and I before she left for her homecoming date and dance. So I grabbed my camera and got a few shots in my yard before she left. My cousin, her brother, passed away tragically on December 13th, 2007. He was just about a month younger than I am. Since that day I have tried with everything in me to be an amazing brother to her. To support her, to pray for her, and to protect her in any way possible.

So here are a few pictures of Stephanie, Class of 2010. I am also doing her senior portrait session soon so you will see more of Stephanie in the coming months.

DSC_3087edit copy

DSC_3102edit copy


ben & theo

while in portland a few months ago, my wife and i had the opportunity of eating dinner with her sister and husband and their friends, aaron and morgan. aaron and morgan have two awesome boys named ben and theo. ben (the oldest) can carry on a conversation like a grown businessman. i’m not joking. it is simply awesome. so, i give to you brothers, ben and theo.